SmashRiot, LLC is an independent game studio focused on creating challenging indie games and was founded by Jesse Ozog on December 2nd, 2013. SmashRiot’s first release is Trisector, a cave flying – bullet destroying – laser dodging – shoot-em-up for iOS. SmashRiot’s second release is Dr. Spacezoo, a time-attack gib-em-up for Win/Mac/Linux/Web.


Jesse started started programming seriously in the mid-90s, but really got his start back around 1987 writing simple games in Basic for the Apple IIe. In the early 1990s, Jesse (armed with a 286 and a trusty Gravis Ultrasound) found the Demo Scene and started coding graphic demos in PC graphics mode 0x13h using Borland Turbo Pascal and x86 Assembler. Jesse fondly remembers calculating offsets in graphics memory by bit shifting instead of using an expensive multiplication operation.


Dr. Spacezoo or: How I learned to stop shooting and save the animals is a time-attack save-em-up for Win/Mac/Linux that is currently in development.

Trisector is a side scrolling, fast paced, arcade action styled, bullet filled shoot-em-up released on June 18, 2013 for iOS7+ devices.


Email: contact aatt SmashRiot com
Twitter: @SmashRiot