Dr. Spacezoo or: How I learned to stop shooting and save the animals

Dr. Spacezoo: IndieQuilt Version

This is the original Dr. Spacezoo jam game done for the IndieQuilt. The modern Dr. Spacezoo is here.


Visit far off Space Zoos and save starving animals from the care of a corrupted AI. Featuring 6 different gib packed animals to save over 10 levels ranging from easy to challenging.

Can you save the starving animals and escape before the AI hacks your defense software and initiates a self-destruct?


In 2143, Space Zoos are automated facilities run by a centralized AI that was created by Dr. Spacezoo. Historically, the Space Zoo AI provided excellent care and the utmost comfort for all of the exotic space animals. However, the Space Zoo AI was recently corrupted by an unknown entitiy and is currently starving the exotic space animals and destroying any visitors.

Your mission is to save exotic space animals and get out of the Space Zoo before the Space Zoo AI cracks your ship’s control software and does bad things (mostly explosions). Your ship’s communication signature is coded to look like a sentry bot, but the ruse will be discovered if you make any hostile actions or touch any animals.

Dr. Spacezoo #IndieQuilt Screenshot:

Dr. Spacezoo - banner

Dr. Spacezoo #IndieQuilt Trailer:

Set to 720p for best results – view on youtube

Play Dr. Spacezoo #IndieQuilt:

The #IndieQuilt version of Dr. Spacezoo was created in 10 nights. This version reflects when Dr. Spacezoo just began sitting upright on it’s own, core mechanics are in, but it’s missing tons of art and polish.

Keyboard + Mouse Controls:

  • W: thrust forward
  • S: thrust backwards
  • Mouse: turn towards mouse
  • Left Mouse: Laser (weak against glass)
  • Right Mouse: Bullets


Created in 10 nights (with a holiday weekend in there) for the IndieQuilt Jam benefiting the Child’s Play charity. Art, sound, music, code and design are fresh for the jam, and I’m sorry to subject you to another one of my EDM beats. – Jesse