Trisector v1.0.6 : Level Tuning Update

Trisector v1.0.6 (216) is a tuning update that improves the overall difficulty of the levels and improves play on the iPhone5/5S.


Change Summary

• UI and HUD Improvements:

• XP and XP Pods are now purple
• Paused energy regeneration is indicated by a gray energy meter and shield
• Improved shield effects for energy warning and paused regeneration states
• Shield power-ups only drop when the shield is down

• Training Improvements to better teach core mechanics
• Level Tuning to help smooth out the difficulty curve in earlier and later levels
• Iphone5/5S tuning to make the widescreen devices play closer to the iPad/iPhone4.
• Hard Mode is now harder with less energy regen, increased speed, and enemies with increased HP and firing rates
• Reporting Improvements
• Bug Fixes
• New Bugs Added