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A hyper accessible persistent networked virtual event space


9-Minute Read

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Phobos is a persistent networked virtual event space that uses WebGL and WebSockets to operate in a web browser. Phobos was created for Indie Maker Syndicate’s inaugural Makers Play event - a hybrid virtual indie game and makerspace showcase.


Interactive music visualization system


4-Minute Read

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PushVFX is an interactive visualization tool that reacts to music. PushVFX uses an Ableton Push to control the effects of a music visualization system. The music drives the effects, and PushVFX allows for real time enabling/disabling/tuning of the visualizer’s effects.

VR Planets

Procedural Planet Generation for VR


4-Minute Read

VR Planets Banner

This article discusses adapting the Procedural Planet generation into VR using an HTC Vive.

Unity Build Automation with Jenkins

Automatically create new Unity builds


9-Minute Read

Unity Build Automation with Jenkins Banner

This article will discuss Unity Build Automation using Jenkins, an open source automation and continuous integration server, to automatically create new Unity3d builds when the master Git branch is updated.

Path Tracing

Path Tracing using a CPU and a GPU Compute Shader


3-Minute Read

Path Tracing using a CPU and GPU Compute Shader

Path Tracing is a ray tracing method where rays are shot from each pixel in the camera towards the scene, and the light contributed from each hit is integrated over several hits and passes to form the final light color of each pixel.

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