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Dr. Spacezoo

Chaotic procedurally generated twin-stick precision couch co-op shoot-em-up


21-Minute Read

Rescue exotic space animals from a corrupt AI in Dr. Spacezoo, a chaotic procedurally generated twin-stick precision shoot-em-up for 1-4 players. Or reduce them to grease, your call monster.

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  • Twin-stick shoot-em-up jammed full of bullets, gibs, grease, sparkles, and glow
  • Single Player or Local Co-Op for 2-4 players
  • Full joystick support
  • Blast through enemies and dodge tons of bullets in procedurally generated Space Zoos
  • Diverse upgradable weapons and core power-ups
  • 5 Play Modes: Story, Action, Boss Rush, Permadeath, and Daily Challenge
  • Boss rush mode to fight against single and tag team bosses
  • Brutal Permadeath mode
  • Daily Challenge with starting weapon upgrades and core power-ups
  • High score leaderboards

Dr. Spacezoo - Presskit Image 1


In 2143, Space Zoos are automated facilities run by a centralized AI that was created by Dr. Spacezoo. Historically, the Space Zoo AI provided excellent care and the utmost comfort for all of the exotic space animals. However, the Space Zoo AI was recently corrupted by an unknown entitiy and is currently starving the exotic space animals and destroying any visitors.

Your mission is to save exotic space animals and get out of the Space Zoo before the Space Zoo AI cracks your ship’s control software and does bad things (mostly explosions). Your ship’s communication signature is coded to look like a sentry bot, but the ruse will be discovered if you make any hostile actions or touch any animals..


v0.9.9 released 2017/09/21

  • Last Stand
  • Enemy Bullet tweaks: lowered sticky duration and movement debuff
  • UI Improvements when no upgrades for Core Power-ups
  • Performance improvements for BIG explosions
  • Graphics and Sound optimizations
  • Shadow Rendering fix for Windows 10
  • Rendering improvements
  • Many Bug fixes and improvements
  • Getting really close to full release here, so let me know if there are any outstanding bugs in v0.9.9.

v0.9.8 released 2017/06/25

  • Added song for Roctursa (Space Bear)
  • Added Roctursa to Mission 3
  • Added playable Game Complete screen (with shoutouts)
  • Lowered boss drillbot laser damage
  • Removed capsules from animals
  • Updated About page
  • Camera improvements on level zoom in/out
  • Glitch shader cleanup improvements
  • Rendering improvements
  • Many Bug fixes and improvements

v0.9.0 released 2017/03/18

  • Cheetah Unlock: Less defense, more firing rate, more acceleration, 4 laser slots, and 4 bullet slots
  • Bear Unlock: More defense, Less acceleration, More weapon damage, 4 laser slots, and 4 bullet slots
  • Added a total Steam leaderboard for each game mode: Story, Action, Boss Rush, Permadeath
  • Added single and dual mouse button mode option
  • Updated weapon tutorial page
  • Bug fixes

v0.8.9a released 2017/02/22

  • Fix for boss room pillar placement
  • Lighting improvements

v0.8.9 released 2017/02/19

  • Story mode difficulty adjusted down for all missions and levels
  • Level size and room sizes now scale down with difficulty (easy mode is easier)
  • Lowered laser damage for all enemies
  • Story mode now shows animals to save for each new mission
  • Procedural level generation tweaks and improvements (and improved M5:L4 boss room generation)
  • Mouse/Twin-stick control instructions are now shown for first game and all tutorial games
  • Fixed title star so every player should get a unique star instead of the default green star (game prefs now seeds itself)
  • Joystick improvements:
    • Now auto-selecting 1st weapon upgrade slot if no core upgrades
    • Improved joystick disconnect/reconnect code
    • Co-op navigation bug fixes
    • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Animals now have 2x HP than before, which will make them more insta-gib resilient at low levels
  • Scoring Improvements: Points are now shared to everyone that damages an enemy or animal. Previously all points went to the player that dealt the death blow.
  • Shadow system bug fix. Also, should no longer see the shadow map texture on level zoom in/out.
  • Fixed Daily Challenge leaderboard crash

v0.8.8 released 2017/01/14

  • Added New Player Ships: Cheetah (unlocks after completing Story mode) and Bear (unlocks after completing Action mode)
    • Currently unlocked until full Cheetah/Bear functionality is added
    • Recolors for each in co-op
    • Sped up player ship animation rate
  • Player Ship Chooser: select player ship (Interceptor, Cheetah, Bear) when starting a new game
    • Existing saves will use the Interceptor
    • Daily Challenge automatically chooses ship based on date seed
  • Drillbot boss difficulty tuning: now spawns less mini drillbots
  • AI boss and mini-boss difficulty tuning: slightly more hp now
  • AI boss, mini, node: new animations/art
  • Penultimate Boss: lowered homing bullet velocity for each phase
  • Final Boss: improvements to damage decals
  • Mini bosses now spawn closer to room edges to prevent being trapped in fountains
  • Animal Vat: new art for vat and animated goo
  • Co-Op: Players can only pickup max of 6 weapon upgrades now to prevent one player from collecting them all
  • Dialog UI: complete rewrite of Dialog UI used to interface with the good Dr. Spacezoo and Winston. Meow!
  • Score UI: complete rewrite of score UI for single and co-op games
  • UI: new glitch effect and background blur is now used for all in game UI screens (uses OBB settings)
  • Health UI: no longer shows +0 hp proc heals
  • Animals: locked facing direction to left or right to improve readability
  • Story: Mission 1 story improvements
  • Level Select:
    • Improved level icon placement for small planets (e.g. Ceres)
    • Procedural planet fixes for all gray planets
    • Reduced ring particles on Saturn and Uranus to improve performance
  • Performance improvements to physics, bullet homing, path finding
  • Save file improvements
  • Settings: added text speed option
  • Joystick navigation improvements
  • Windows: bug fix for changing screen resolution / fullscreen in game
  • Bug fix to Pause Menu - Full Reset

v0.8.7 released 2016/12/06

  • Bosses can now use Ultras weapons for all attacks
    • Ultras: Bounces / Reflections, Deflector, Force Deflector, Melee Deflector, Melee Damager, Vortex, Force Vortex, Health Booster, Health Regeneration
    • Story Mode (Easy difficulty): farm bosses for upgrades without them getting tougher
    • Action Mode: Each time a boss is defeated it will gain health, attack faster, and gain an Ultra making Weapon Upgrade farming more challenging.
    • Boss rush: Each boss starts with two Ultras and will increase in difficulty when farmed
    • Boss meters now show configured Ultras
  • Enemy firing code improvements
  • Difficulty scaling improvements (health and firing rates)
  • Health Regeneration Ultra improvements
  • Drunken bullets without homing now have trails
  • Melee Deflector/Damager Ultra improvements
  • Weapon Description updates
  • Weapon Upgrades screen now warns if closing with unspent core points or unassigned weapon upgrades
  • Joystick UI navigation improvements
  • Drillbot boss fight tuning: made fight slightly less punishing, and supression pattern no longer turns with drillbot
  • Fixed date bug in Steam Daily Leaderboard selection
  • OS X/Linux: migrated from OpenGL2.1 to OpenGL4.1 (still using DX9 on Windows)
  • Windows 10: Bug fix for black screen after changing resolution or fullscreen in Settings

v0.8.6 released 2016/10/14

  • New Weapon Upgrade Ultras:
    • Health Booster (Ultra): A passive effect that boosts base health per rank.
    • Health Regeneration (Ultra): A proc effect that restores a small amount of health per rank.
    • Melee Deflector (Ultra): A rotating shield that increases in speed each rank and gently bumps away anything it touches. Stops a lot of bullets.
    • Melee Damager (Ultra): A rotating weapon that increases in speed each rank and does damage to anything it touches. Does NOT stop any bullets.
    • Vortex (Ultra): A proc effect that harmlessly pulls in enemies, animals, and bullets.
    • Force Vortex (Ultra): A proc effect that forcefully pulls in and damages enemies, animals, bullets, and destructibles.
  • Photon Density/Bullet and Damage weapon upgrade icons now indicate increased rarity level.
  • Improvements to weapon upgrade help information
  • Slightly reduced animal heal effect from +5hp to +4hp
  • Floating Combat Text now shows heals
  • Improvements to the screen transition effect
  • Performance improvements in how forces are applied in the Enemy Swarmer’s goo explosion
  • Fix for core and weapon upgrades not being saved after closing upgrade dialog and hard quitting game

v0.8.5 released 2016/10/06

  • Added new bullets and firing sounds based on configured bullet weapon properties
  • Improvements to Drunken property on bullets
  • Slightly decreased enemy slowing bullet duration
  • Slightly increased bullet trail width and length
  • Bullets now longer increase in size when temporary firing rate power-up is active
  • Fixed incorrect bullet facing immediately after bouncing
  • Added animated player ships and bullets for co-op players 1-4
  • Using animated player ships in UI
  • Improvements to Weapon Upgrade dialog UI
  • Pending Weapon Upgrades are now cleared when starting a new level instead of when the Weapon Upgrade dialog is closed
  • Added a help dialog with weapon property descriptions to Weapon Upgrade dialog
  • Added a song for Xieri (Space Zebra)
  • Added a sound for Nali Puki (Space Whale)
  • Updated help text in initial how to play dialog
  • Improvements to player joystick handling and joystick menu navigation

v0.8.4 released 2016/09/30

  • Laser works with the reflection ultra upgrade and has improved beam particles
  • Each subsequent laser reflection/bullet bounce reduces damage delt
  • Lasers and bullets only reflect/bounce off of walls
  • Reduced force deflector range to better match particle ring
  • Unique ultra upgrades stat range will improve each mission
  • New sounds for Nali Puki (Space Whale) and Xieri (Space Zebra)
  • Debris created during large explosions is throttled to maintain framerate (see Throttle Debris Creation in Settings to limit further)
  • Explosion sound is reduced for very large explosions
  • Fixed Defense upgrade tooltip in Power-up hud
  • Fountains have a very small chance to drop a weapon upgrade when destroyed
  • Power-up objects properly deactivate after they are collected
  • Added a confirmation to the Full Reset menu option
  • Reduced bullet homing force for phase 1 of the last Mission 5 boss
  • Increased boss activation alert range to activate outside of player weapon range
  • Enemy converter: reduced beam’s particle usage and improved performance when no animals are in range
  • Added AZERTY mapping for keyboard controls
  • Added new transition effect UI screen changes
  • Tutorial returns to main menu from level menu since only one mission
  • Fixed minor UI issues with non-1280x720 resolutions
  • Fixed joystick hint icons display issue
  • Many bug fixes

v0.8.3 released 2016/09/23

  • Added Ultra Weapon Upgrades: Force Deflector, Deflector, and Bouncing Bullets (more to come!)
  • Bosses drop additional weapon upgrades in co-op
  • Additional weapon upgrade rolling bonus based on player’s level
  • Boss weapon upgrade rolling bonus is applied once per player (destroyed players can refight boss to get rolling bonus)
  • Improvements to player’s power-up tracker, and added icon indicating weapon upgrades collected
  • New ambient animal sounds: Giraffe, Elephant, Rhino, Chicken, Bear, Goat
  • New in game resolution selector which supports non-1280x720 resolutions and non-16:9 aspect ratios (min resolution is 1280x720)
  • Menus and game are now resolution/aspect ratio independent
  • Improved mission selection and level selection icon layouts for non 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Added Screen Resolution Based Zoom option to show more of the game levels at higher resolutions (uses more CPU/GPU)
  • Improvements to in game camera size and options
  • Added Ceres to Story Mode Mission 1 level selection
  • Updated player ship art
  • Slightly reduced acceleration per rank and power-up, and haste per rank and power-up
  • Improvements to Mission 3 tileset’s emission map
  • Improvements to homing bullets retargeting
  • Sticky bullets now have a fixed/shorter duration
  • Improvements to debris generation during LARGE explosions to try to maintain framerate (more coming)
  • Added even more particles
  • Improvements to procedural generation including fix to boss room pillars potentially obscuring animal rooms
  • Additional fix for offscreen indicators not appearing for spawned enemies
  • More fixes for Xbox One controller on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

v0.8.2a released 2016/09/08

  • Fix for offscreen indicators not appearing for spawned enemies
  • Fix for Xbox One controller dpad navigation on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

v0.8.2 released 2016/09/07

  • New player ship art and thrust particles
  • New enemy art for sentry, rammer, ranger, and swarmer
  • Smoothed movement in enemy sentry, rammer, ranger, and swarmer
  • Smoothed difficulty on story mode and action mode
  • Difficulty now scale enemy health, damage, and firing rate
  • Tuned down difficulty on Mission 2 boss fight and lessened starting rocks
  • Slightly reduced player per rank and power-up bonus for Acceleration
  • Mini-map now properly displays large mission 4 and 5 levels
  • Improved weapon upgrade ui (joystick default selects first available upgrade)
  • Improved weapon upgrade stat rolling
  • Reduced power-up activation force to keep power-ups closer to player
  • Fixed boss room barrier activation bug (should not longer trap player)
  • Fixed Class 5 Daily Challenge not allocating core power-ups
  • Animals are now less clumpy when spawned
  • Meow
  • Dynamic and static camera improvements
  • Added selectable links to About screen
  • Linux game launch bug fix for Steam
  • Fix for Xbox One controller dpad navigation on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

v0.8.1a released 2016/08/24

  • Xbox One controller should now work on Win 10
  • Improved boss loot randomization

v0.8.1 released 2016/08/23

  • New Weapon Upgrade System:
    • Collect weapon upgrades to improve the laser and bullet weapons
    • Properties: Bullets/Photons, Damage, Haste, Homing, Spread, Drunken, Duration, Velocity
    • 3 slots for each weapon
    • Upgrades drop from enemies and bosses
    • Boss upgrades have improved stats over normal enemy upgrades
    • Upgrades improve each mission
    • Upgraded weapons are currently way overpowered and will be tuned in following updates
    • Slightly reduced temporary power-ups bonus for weapon damage and firing rate
    • Bullet firing locations now better aligned with ship’s guns
    • Removed old base weapons: homing, shotgun, circle homing, drunken
  • Core Upgrades:
    • New tooltips added for core upgrades
    • General improvements to upgrade hud
    • Unified core stat upgrade ranges
    • Improvements to damage reduction
  • Bosses now drop weapon upgrades, health, and acceleration power-ups
  • Daily:
    • Daily is now its own game mode
    • Removed daily from other game modes
    • Everyone now starts the daily with the same core power-ups and weapon upgrades
    • Tracking successful daily attempts for future achievement
    • Lighting fix for daily
  • Boss Rush: new games start with 6 random weapon upgrades and 6 pending upgrades
  • Permadeath Mode: removed weapon drops from permadeath, now using new weapon upgrade system
  • Drillbot mini/boss no longer kill animals with the drill
  • Added hit sparks when ramming enemies
  • Improvements to Laser’s hit casting
  • Improvements to procedural planet rings
  • Improvements to Joystick navigation
  • Settings: Added more granular options for Screenshake / Optical Boom Blaster (were previously a single on/off option)
  • UI Improvements (hover labels are better sized and more intelligent on placement, more tooltips in upgrade hud)

v0.8.0 released 2016/07/31

  • Added bullet hit sparks
  • Enabled Steam Cloud Saves
  • Bug fixes

v0.7.10 released 2016/07/21

  • Boss room procedural generation fixes/improvements
  • Slightly reduced difficulty for easy/story mode
  • Faster planet generation
  • Joystick navigation improvements
  • Save game bug fixes

v0.7.9 released 2016/07/12

  • Added quick tutorial game mode
  • Increased HP return for broken connections for Sub-AI and Boss AI
  • Increased minimum animals from 2 to 3 per animal spawner
  • Smoother enemy swarmer movement
  • Feedbot boss debris fix
  • Added support for rectangular procgen levels
  • Slightly increased base time in procgen levels
  • Slightly decreased screenshake intensity/duration for smaller enemies/animals
  • Bullet, debris, and goo pooling improvements
  • Bullet trail improvements
  • Barrier improvements
  • Space debris improvements
  • Object Activation improvements
  • Shadow/Lighting improvements
  • Performance improvements

v0.7.8 released 2016/06/17

  • Added Boss Fight Meters
  • Added off-screen enemy indicators
  • Story mode: removed Mission 1 hand made levels, now all procgen levels, streamlined Mission 1 story text, tuned easy difficulty to be slightly easier
  • Leaderboards: submitting combined scores for co-op play
  • Enemies: slightly increased activation range, updated milk bullet’s look to be consistent with other enemy bullets
  • Procgen: improved boss room generation and reduced max size, tuned level size progression, fixed animals spawning in fountains (for real - stay out of the fountains you filthy animals)
  • Daily: fixed so can only do daily once
  • Barriers: removed duplicate overlapping barriers
  • Save Files: minor updates in prep for Steam Cloud, fix for incorrectly set last selected mission
  • UI improvements

v0.7.7 released 2016/06/12

  • View Steam Leaderboards in game
  • UI Improvements

v0.7.6 released 2016/06/04

  • Added temporary damage reduction and pickup range effects to player
  • Added temporary weapon damage and firing rate visual effects on beam and bullets
  • Improved boss rush difficulty scaling
  • Improved joystick UI navigation
  • Fixed mission and level unlock bug

v0.7.5 released 2016/05/31

  • Added achievements for completing each game mode
  • New games now use a different randomized seed
  • Weapon selection fixes for permadeath mode
  • Joystick navigation improvements
  • Tutorial popup is now only in Story Mode:M1:L1
  • Now collecting Steam leaderboard scores

v0.7.4 released 2016/05/21

  • Permadeath Mode (5 missions with 4 levels each)
  • Secondary weapons are now drops in Permadeath mode.
  • New game selection screen: Story, Action, Permadeath, Boss Rush
  • Load game screen now allows for deleting saves
  • Increased base defense and slightly decreased per rank value (still has same max)
  • Increased damage done by Melee Deflector weapon
  • Reworked Force Deflector weapon (may now be OP)
  • Player icon now flashing yellow on mini map
  • Darkened animal shadows for improved contrast
  • Power-ups now strobe
  • Boss Rush mode now starts with Force Deflector unlocked
  • Bug fix to Enemy Rammer so once again starts charge with tracking bullets
  • Improvements to procedural generation (including fix to rare boss room generation crash)
  • Less animals spawning in fountains
  • Enemy bullets visual distinction vs player bullets
  • Joystick menu navigation fixes
  • Added a drop to the final boss

v0.7.3 released 2016/05/17

  • New save game format (and migrator from v0.7.2)
  • Now supports multiple save games
  • increased base acceleration, slightly reduced increase per rank (same as old at rank 4)
  • M1:L1-4 now has resistance spawners at exit
  • M1:L5-9 reduced activation time on resistance spawners
  • Increased activation range on Mission 1 Feedbot Boss

v0.7.2 released 2016/05/12

  • Added Steam Achievements

v0.7.1 released 2016/05/10

  • Camera smoothing for keyboard/mouse controls
  • New Static Camera Zoom option under Settings
  • Fixed boss rush crash
  • Separated config files for each mode

v0.7.0 released 2016/05/09

  • Added 1st Boss Fight for Mission 5
  • Added 2nd Boss Fight for Mission 5
  • Added Spark Orb converter
  • Spark Orb improvements
  • Animal Vat improvements
  • AI Beam node improvements
  • Enemy Spawner improvements
  • Big Spawner doors for large enemy spawning (Spark Orbs)
  • Lowered shotgun bullet damage
  • Emission texture improvements (less glow)
  • Unified boss death screenshake amounts
  • Procedural Generation Improvements
  • Score fixes: and killing hostile animals is good
  • Pathfinding improvements for slow and fast moving objects, and pathfinding smoothing
  • Trail Renderer and lighting improvements
  • Grease distribution improvements
  • Action Mode: planet generation and naming improvements, and now 6 levels per mission
  • Boss Rush: added boss scaling to keep challenging
  • Added Background mode option
  • Performance and Memory allocation improvements


  • player damage decals
  • minimap with target animal
  • shielding target animal on boss levels/tutorial
  • new enemy: spark orb
  • animal vat and converted animal fixes
  • new song for elephant and song quality setting fixes
  • mission 4 AI boss fixes
  • drunken homing randomization
  • lighting/shadow improvements
  • boss barrier activation fixes
  • new save data system
  • settings page improvements / fullscreen option
  • ui improvements
  • performance improvements


  • Lowered number of enemies spawned by resistance spawners from 6 to 2
  • Last two boss fights in Boss Rush are now tag-team random+random
  • Added option (default on) to enable slight Space Zoo rotation during play
  • Music volume bug fix and other minor bugs squished.


  • New Boss Rush Mode: fight all through all of the bosses and random double boss battle royales!
  • Floating combat text: shows damage being done to enemies / player
  • New Songs: Title, Credits, and Giraffe
  • Procedural Generation: procgen and barrier activation improvements for boss levels
  • Enemies: increased time for Octopus/AI boss fights, increased chase phase time for AI/AI Boss, fixed Drillbot boss so it no longer quickly spawns a crazy number of Drillbots when the player is far away, less starting rocks in Drillbot boss room, slight increases enemy HP, added M5 animal vats and hostile animals
  • Weapons: Bullet damage bug fix (power-ups were NOT increasing bullet damage), lowered power-up damage co-eff, lowered shotgun and drunken bullet damage, increased laser damage per tick
  • UI: improved title screen layout, now using ultra sized stars for level select
  • General: lighting and shadow tuning, damage decal and grease stain fixes, fountains now turn off when the player is out of range to save water, decreased debris time to live
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugs squished


  • Joystick: added on screen joystick navigation hints (DPAD/A/B), updated joystick controls help panel, improvements to player joystick assignment
  • Procedural generation: faster and improved procedural planet/star generation
  • Bug fixes: path-finding bug fix for deactivated boss barriers, co-op player warp bug fix - should no longer warp player to the outside of the level, bug fix for power-up allocations - should reset on next play,
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bugs squished.


  • Power-ups: removed hack defense
  • Enemies: improvements to octopus boss, new art for octopus sub-boss, added AI boss/sub-boss,
  • Weapons: slight increase to drunken homing bullet damage
  • Procedural generation: improvements to procedural level generation, added resistence spawners to hubs (activated after saving target animal), tweaks to difficulty flow, firing delay to turrets in zoo entrance room, now procedurally generating mission and level names (missions 2-5: mining, scrapyard, mainframe ai, space lab), added loading screen during procedural planet generation, added ultra size for stars (title screen star), procedural star improvements.
  • Scoring: larger score multiplier, score multiplier reset by killing animal, increase score multiplier by saving animals/killing enemies, increased boss base score, score multiplier applies to time score.
  • UI: improvements to button/UI colors, added loading screen during procedural generation, increased title drop shadow, procedurally generated star on title screen, font character/kerning fixes.
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Lowered barrier debris
  • Map caching re-enabled (Windows bug seems to be fixed)
  • Bug fixes


  • Drillbot Boss fight tuning
  • Octopus Boss new art and fight tuning
  • Path finding fixes
  • Increased base/rank physical defense
  • Increased enemy laser range
  • Co-op camera improvements
  • Procgen improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Added initial octopus mini boss and boss for M3 (not final art)
  • New gibs for animals
  • Added boss damage decals
  • Increased boss barrier HP
  • Weapon damage balancing: increased damage on bullets/homing bullets/shotgun bullets and removed laser damage penalty vs barriers
  • Fixed bug where destroying animals/enemies with bullets did not report score
  • Slightly increased base damage reduction
  • Procedural generation improvements to difficulty curves, spawn node, and boss rooms
  • Improved joystick/player joining/leaving
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed weapon selection not saving with mouse
  • Co-op camera fixes
  • Shader fixes
  • Now hiding Unity resolution dialog and forcing single instance
  • Bug fixes


  • environmental shadows
  • new animals: bear, chicken, iguana, rhino, zebra and elephant
  • new animal song: Nu Tokoma
  • bug fixes.


  • improvements to enemy swarmer and goo
  • smoothed out bullet homing
  • bug fixes for Windows 10 and Linux.


  • improved mission 1 boss fight and art.
  • co-op: individual scores, upgrades, and power-up selections.
  • co-op: improved player ui and joystick handling.
  • co-op: animals collected by a player are released when the player explodes
  • added heart icon to target animal/player carrying target animal
  • added space debris
  • improved goo art
  • improved emission lighting, shaders, and tiles
  • improved enemy behavior and path-finding


  • Added 4 player local co-op for extra sparkle magic
  • Improved UI/HUD
  • Animals:
    • New animal music: Nalipuki, Togamy, Rebefy, Jeka Lumu, Tusejido, Kera Kote
    • Added space whale milk stains
    • Improved animal descriptions/names
  • Weapon improvements:
    • More laser sparkle
    • Bullets tuned for firing rate/damage/number of projectiles
    • Trail renderer improvements
  • Enemies:
    • Weapon color unification
    • Targeting improvements / faster retargeting from dead players
    • Drill Bot Boss and Mission 2 boss fight
    • Mega laser
    • Converter: consumes animals via a tractor beam to create enemies
    • Added resistence spawners throughtout the Space Zoos
    • Bullets tuned for firing rate / damage (less bullets, more damage)
  • New talking head: Space Ant (mission 3)
  • Mission 1 levels 1-12 tuning
  • Level Select Screen
    • Procedural Planet Improvements
    • New mission / level / daily icons
    • improved level icon placement around procedural planets
  • Procedural Generation
    • new boss fights / rooms for mission 2
    • improvements to procedural generation / flow tuning / enemy placement
    • fountain generation improvements
    • animals/enemies no longer spawn in the void
    • barrier generation improvements
    • pathfinding bug fixes
    • entitiy acitvation/triggering improvements
  • Lighting:
    • normal maps improved
    • lighting improvements to main/mission/level screens
    • performance improvement to all entity lights
  • Camera improvements
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Migrated to Unity5, webGL export broken..


  • procedurally generated planets and suns
  • new enemy turret types: single and laser
  • new animals: bee, goat, raccoon, whale
  • increased difficulty in mission 1 Challenge Level
  • added a new score multiplier
  • new talking heads: Miner (Mission 2) and AI (Mission 4)
  • new power-up / upgrade / weapon research UI
  • improvements to player movement
  • barrier event triggers
  • dialog improvements
  • tutorial improvements/streamlining
  • laser sparkle particles and collision improvements
  • improved bullet homing
  • performance improvements (trail renderer)


  • animated atmospheric backgrounds
  • lighting performance improvements


  • new swarm enemy (and much goo!)
  • joystick detection improvements


  • lighting improvements
  • laser improvements
  • drill bot bug fix
  • keyboard/mouse fix for Chrome on Windows


  • dynamic lighting!
  • destructible walls and objects
  • drill bot mini-boss
  • falling rocks, grease from gibs
  • laser improvements
  • performance improvements!


  • persistent secondary weapon selection
  • slightly increased player traction
  • joystick menu navigation improvements
  • HUD improvements
  • tutorial improvements


  • improved always-on twin-stick joystick option
  • new art and animal animations
  • two new weapon types: shotgun, force deflector
  • two new fast firing enemy types: fast tracking turret, beserker
  • fully procedurally generated levels for missions 2-5
  • performance improvements!


  • increased base physical defense
  • twin-stick joystick improvements (enable under settings)


  • tutorial improvements
  • joystick menu-navigation improvement
  • added a new warning klaxon for when the timer is about to expire.


  • Fully twin-stick controller ready!
  • Tutorial improvements
  • Power-up/weapon select ui improvements
  • Longer zoo timers
  • Added a hack timer klaxon


  • Proc-gen daily spacezoo challenge / tweet!
  • Power-ups now are now an immediate and very noticeable boost.
  • Power-up timer bar will keep track of current power-ups and time remaining
  • Ship upgrades - earn points to upgrade your ship by saving animals and destroying enemies
  • Tutorial (level 1) improvements! Save the animals and get out of the zoo!
  • Joystick improvements
  • Performance improvements


  • new art, sounds, music, font
  • new enemies: turret, rammer, sentry spawner, feed bot.
  • improved explosions, gibs, and grease
  • new homing and sticky bullets
  • power-ups: acceleration, haste, damage, hack defense, physical defense, pickup radius.
  • power-ups drop from destroyed enemies and saved animals
  • added scoring for saving, destroying and euthanizing animals, and a time bonus.
  • mission 1 levels updated and tuned
  • mission 1 story added
  • animal spawning improvements
  • destructible barrier improvements
  • user interface improvements (main menu, settings, about, level select, dialogs, power-ups, scoring, in game hud)
  • experimental joystick controls
  • bloom everything!
  • high score reporting
  • better player analytics for level tuning
  • TONS of code refactoring, bug fixes, and new bug introductions.

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