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Making of Trisector

The process of making Trisector, an arcade style side scrolling cave flying bullet filled shoot-em-up


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I’ve always wanted to make games, and it was games (and graphic demos) that got me started on programming so many years ago. Trisector is the first fully polished game that I’ve ever released.

Trisector is a project that I’m working on during my nights and weekends, and my budget for it is pretty close to zero. I wanted to try to make the project completely solo to see if I could finish it, and to learn as much as I can about all of the non-programming parts.

I started work on Trisector in September 2012. The bulk of engine development was completed around the start of January 2013. The levels, art, sound, and music were completed by late April. The final pass of polish and play testing happened during May and early June. Finally, Trisector v1.0.0 (160) was submitted to the iOS App Store for review on June 11th, 2013 and approved for sale on June 18th, 2013.

The biggest lesson I learned while making Trisector is that finishing and polish take a lot of hard detail oriented work. The first 90% of roughing out a game is the easy and fun part, but the last 10% of polishing and tweaking is pretty grueling and feels like another 90% on it’s own.

Here a few articles for each of the major areas of Trisector:

Hope you found these articles on the making of Trisector’s interesting,

Jesse from Smash/Riot

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