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Trisector v1.0.3 : Scoring and Graphics Update

New Burst+ power-up, Particle Shield, Improved Graphics, Dynamic Lighting, Scoring, and Scoring Leaderboards


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Trisector v1.0.3 : Scoring and Graphics Update Banner

Trisector v1.0.3 (189) is live in the App Store and includes some exciting new features such as a Burst+ power-up, Particle Shield, Improved Graphics, Dynamic Lighting, Scoring, and Scoring Leaderboards.

Update Trailer

Change Summary

  • Scoring and High Score Leaderboard
  • Max score multiplier effect
  • New Burst+ power-up
  • Dynamic lighting
  • New particle shield and warning particles
  • New and improved graphics for power-ups, player laser, and enemy bullets
  • Shooting enemy bullets creates score pods or energy
  • Enemy bullets are now sized by enemy type
  • Tutorial streamlining
  • Level tuning with improved enemy density (more action!)
  • Level select menu improvements
  • Bug fixes

Burst+ Power-up

The Burst+ is a rare spawn of the Burst power-up that has a small percent chance of spawning any time a Burst power-up spawns or is dropped from a damaged or destroyed enemy.

The Burst+ power-up is similar to the Burst power-up, except when a Burst+ particle hits an enemy, a new chained Burst+ explosion is created and centered on the surely to be destroyed enemy. Also, the new chained Burst+ explosions do not cost any additional energy. The Burst+ can have a very powerful chaining effect if timed correctly with enough speed, and it’s crazy watching the Burst+ chain down the level destroying everything in it’s path.

Trisector v1.0.3 : Dynamic Lighting Burst+

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic lighting was added to the foreground and background parallax layers. The two layers are illuminated based on the ship’s position, and the background layer is also illuminated by the player lasers. Also, a Burst explosion will really brighten up the background.

Trisector v1.0.3 : Dynamic Lighting

Trisector v1.0.3 : Dynamic Lighting Burst

Scoring and Leaderboards

Level Scoring and High Score Leaderboards were implemented. Each enemy ship damaged or destroyed, each enemy projectile destroyed, each power-up collected, and each percent of the level completed earns points. The score multiplier is based on the ship’s speed and the difficulty mode, where the faster the ship is going the higher the score multiplier. Also, the range of the score multiplier is doubled from 1x-10x on Normal Mode to 1x-20x on Hard Mode.

Trisector v1.0.3 : Speed vs Score Multipliers

Currently there is only one combined High Score Leaderboard due to a game center limitation of 25 total Leaderboards.

Enemy bullets now generate Score Pods or Energy when shot. Collect the Score Pods to further increase your score!

Shield Particles and Energy Warning Particles

The Shield Particles provide improved visual status on the Shield and the Energy usage. The shield particles slowly swirl blue if the shield is up with enough energy reserves, swirl red if the shield is up and the score multiplier is at the max, and yellow particles appear if the energy is low or depleted.

Trisector v1.0.3 : Shield and Energy Warning Particles

Trisector v1.0.3 : Shield and Energy Warning Particles

Trisector v1.0.3 : Shield Particles GIF

New and Improved Graphics

The power-ups, the player laser and the enemy bullets received graphical updates to match the look and feel of the new shield particles.

Trisector v1.0.3 : New Power-up, Laser and Bullet Graphics

Trisector v1.0.3 : New Laser and Bullet Graphics

Level Streamlining and Improved Enemy Density

Levels T1-T3 and 1-4 received streamlining to improve the level flow. Also, all levels received tweaks to enemy density to help keep the action up. Also, the Training levels were tightened up a bit to try to make them quicker and more explosive.

Level Select

Level select screen UI was improved by removing the small level preview icon and instead filling the background of the side panel with a preview of the level.

Trisector v1.0.3 : Level Select Menu

Bug Fixes

A few bugs were squashed while making this update including fixing dead zones in the touch controls.

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