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Trisector v1.0.4 : Score Pod Attractor and Bug Fix Update

Added Score Pod Attractor and bug fixes


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Trisector v1.0.4 : Score Pod Attractor and Bug Fix Update Banner

Trisector v1.0.4 (194) was released on the App Store on 2013/08/13. This patch is mostly a bug fix for 1.0.3, with the tasty addition of an automatic Score Pod Attractor.

Update Trailer

Change Summary

  • Tutorial streamlining
  • Score Pod Attractor
  • Control fixes
  • Sound fixes
  • Score fixes

Tutorial streamlining

T1 was cut from 70 seconds to 44 seconds and a few more enemies were added. T2 got revamped with some added terrain and a few new enemies.

Also, levels T1-T3 and L1 are now unlocked, which allows the player to skip the tutorials and jump right into the action.

Score Pod Attractor

v1.0.3 added the feature of turning destroyed enemy bullets into Score Pods that were worth extra points. One problem was that a good chunk of the Score Pods ended up in out of the way areas, which made collecting all of them near impossible.

The ship’s new Score Pod Attractor will pull almost all of the Score Pods into the ship, which automatically collects them.

Trisector v1.0.4 : Score Pod Attractor

Trisector v1.0.4 : Score Pod Attractor GIF

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with relative touch and joystick controls being control flipped with the device oriented with the home button on the right.
  • Fixed an issue with the Score Pod effect volume not respecting the Sound Volume setting.
  • Fixed an issue where scores were not being properly reported to Game Center after each run.
  • Shake effect is less pronounced on older, reduced performance devices (e.g. iPad 1).

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