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Trisector v1.0.8 : Destructible Terrain Update

Adds destructible terrain and a brand new boss level


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Trisector v1.0.8 : Destructible Terrain Update Banner

Trisector v1.0.8 (229) was released to the App Store on 2014/03/29 and includes destructible terrain and a brand new boss level!

Change Summary

  • Destructible Terrain
  • Boss Level: Fight the Tunneler!
  • Enemy Fighter Squad Formations
  • Enemy Fighter Damage Decals
  • Improved Particle Effects
  • Adaptive Difficulty Option
  • Tutorial Improvements
  • Full MFi Game Controller Support (Basic and Extended Profiles)
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Bugs Added


Something was making all of those mining tunnels. After destroying a portion of Tri-Corp’s illegal mining and refinement center, just happened to run across a Tunneler. Few outside of the Tri-Corp have seen a tunneler, and even fewer have made it out of the wake of lasers, bullets, and defense stars they leave behind them.

The Tunneler is on a boss level that is slotted after Level 9. In this image, the Tunneler has a squad of fighters trailing behind it, which ensures this will be a tough fight.

Trisector v1.0.8 : Tunneler and Fighters

Here’s a short gif of the tunneler dev-test:

Trisector v1.0.8 : Tunneler and Squad of Fighters

Here’s a short (19 seconds) video of the Tunneler grinding up some terrain:

Boss Level

A new level was added featuring the Tunneler. It’s the longest and most challenging of them all and will test all of the skills learned in Trisector.

Trisector v1.0.8 : Tunneler : High Energy Warning

Trisector v1.0.8 : Tunneler : High Energy Warning GIF


I’ve been meaning to implement squad formations for a while so the enemy ships don’t all clump together. Here’s an image of six fighters in a tight formation after the opening laser bank on Level 8:

Trisector v1.0.8 : Squad of Fighters and Laser Bank

Player Terrain Collision

In previous versions, a shielded player was allowed to pass through terrain in exchange for consuming almost all of the available energy. Players were confused on this aspect, so with the advent of destructible terrain, any terrain that collides with the player ship will be destroyed, at great energy cost to the player. This should provide a better visual feedback that the ship is touching terrain:

Trisector v1.0.8 : Player Terrain Collision

MFi Controller

MFi Controller Support is now supported in Trisector. Trisector works with both basic and extended gamepad profiles, which means both the dpad and the thumbsticks may be used. The dpad and thumbsticks feel really good, and holding down a button to auto-fire is really nice.

Trisector v1.0.8 : MFi Controller Support

Also, Trisector is fully playable only using the controller. All of the menus, options, and settings able to be navigated via the the controller!

Trisector v1.0.8 : MFi Controller Menu Navigation

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